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While Playground Kiddush Club was started in 2022, it was only the need for supplies in Israel that pushed us to register and incorporate as a business.  All of the the merchandise has between 10-100% of proceeds directly supporting the needs of several IDF units. 

     Our heroes

We are especially passionate about supporting the medical needs of IDF units. Ensuring that units have the correct medical devices can be the difference between life and death on the battlefield.

When you donate money directly to this fund, you are making a tangible difference in the lives of those who protect Am Israel. It helps provide essential medical equipment such as advanced trauma kits, life-saving pieces of medical equipment that increase the success of intubation and survival of injured soldiers.

Join us in supporting our heroes. Together, we can ensure that our soldiers have the resources they need to protect and serve our country. Donate today and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who sacrifice so much for our freedom.


Why do people need to raise money for equipment? Is the IDF not properly equipping them?

When the war started, there was no way of knowing exactly how the situation would unfold. More than 350,000 reservists showed up in the first week following October 7th in an effort to help Israel. Seven months later, and a lot of the gear needs to be replaced, and as the threats have evolved so does the understanding of what gear is necessary for the mission. The extra gear that is needed is not necessarily readily available in Israel and the IDF is limited in its purchasing (there are many factors relating to this). Often times miluim (reserve units) are expected to provide for many of their own pieces of equipment.

How does Playground Kiddush Club factor itself into helping the chayalim?

Just by having this platform online, I am able to reach many more people and raise awareness of ongoing needs. Instagram is a channel that enables me a way of giving attention to specific fundraising efforts. Everything PKC sells has a percentage 10-100% of profit going directly to fundraising efforts- whether it is to a platform a unit has for collecting money or more typically for the purchasing and sending of medical equipment.


Does it really make a difference to purchase items from PKC?

Thus far, the money raised from sales has been primarily used for sending bags of equipment to Israel. Each physical duffel bag is around $22 and sending the bags costs between $50-75 depending on the method. The actual items that have been sent have been paid for separately by financial contributions made directly to 501C3s that have allowed me to have a fund for enabling a tax deduction for donors. That being said, the sale of all the Bring Them Home bracelets plus over 15 Schlep tote bags will enable purchasing of special backpacks used by medical officers (doctors working within IDF units) to best carry their medical equipment on the field. In fact there will be enough backpacks for half of the doctors in this unit that relates specifically to the treatment and evacuation of wounded soldiers.  

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