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We Have No Other Country Dogtags- Shiny Finish

We Have No Other Country Dogtags- Shiny Finish

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Show your solidarity with Israel with our exclusive acrylic dog tags. The tags are proudly engraved with the powerful statement "כי אין לנו ארץ אחרת" ("Ki Ein Lanu Eretz Acheret") which translates to "for we have no other land" in English.

The phrase encapsulates the deep-rooted historical and emotional ties that Jewish people have to the land of Israel. It reflects the collective memory of millennia of Jewish history, culture, and tradition tied to this land.

15% Net profit supports purchasing & sending critically needed equipment to IDF doctors & medics.

Product Features:

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable, lightweight acrylic with options of either a matte or shiny surface
  • Distinctive Design: The bold engraving of "We have no other land" serves as a poignant reminder of our commitment and connection to Israel
  • Measures: 2in long x 1.2in wide, 3mm thick
  • Support a Cause: 100% profit goes directly to supporting Israel- providing essential resources and assistance to those who defend Israel (see our Donate to Israel Directly Page to learn more).

An important note: can be purchased without a chain or with a 24in ball chain (stainless steel silver tone, gold tone or alternate silver tone style). If you would like a longer chain, send us a message. There's also the option of a unique patina ball chain available in three special styles, they are hand patina-d by a local artist. 

More than just a statement; it is a powerful declaration of identity, belonging, and dedication. It captures the essence of the Jewish people's historical connection to Israel, our enduring spirit, and our unwavering commitment to preserving and protecting our homeland.



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